10 Top Strategic Technology Trends in 2018 for Companies to Follow in the Future

Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends in 2018 for Companies to Follow in the Future

Gartner recently released its top ten technology trends for 2018. The trends will have “significant disruptive potential” for the next five years. Gartner released these findings for companies to recognize the changing future of technology and how they should prepare accordingly:

“Companies must examine their business impacts and adjust business models and operations appropriately or risk losing competitive advantage to those who do.”

The trends are listed as follows:

        Trend No. 1: AI Foundation
        Today's AI Is Narrow AI

        Trend No. 2: Intelligent Apps and Analytics
        Augmented Analytics Will Enable Users to Spend More Time Acting on Insights

        Trend No. 3: Intelligent Things
        Swarms of Intelligent Things Will Work Together

        Trend No. 4: Digital Twins
        Digital Twins Will Be Linked to Other Digital Entities

        Trend No. 5: Cloud to the Edge
        Edge Computing Brings Distributed Computing Into the Cloud Style

        Trend No. 6: Conversational Platforms
        Integration With Third-Party Services Will Further Increase Usefulness

        Trend No. 7: Immersive Experience
        VR and AR Can Help Increase Productivity

        Trend No. 8: Blockchain
        Blockchain Offers Significant Potential Long-Term Benefits Despite Challenges

        Trend No. 9: Event-Driven Model
        Events Will Become More Important in the Intelligent Digital Mesh

        Trend No. 10: Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust
        Barriers Must Come Down Between Security and Application Teams
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