Lenovo Introduces Unique Tech at MWC 2024


Lenovo ThinkBook Transparent Display Laptop Concept, Image/Lenovo

Lenovo recently unveiled its latest portfolio of innovative PCs, software, two proof of concept devices, and infrastructure solutions and services at MWC 2024:

Lenovo’s suite of AI-enabled, AI-ready, and AI-optimized devices, infrastructure, solutions, and services at MWC provides a wider look at our vision for ‘AI for All’, said Lenovo Chairman and CEO, Yuanqing Yang. Lenovo’s AI technology benefits organizations of all sizes, driving intelligent transformation across all industries while reinforcing our commitment to sustainability.

Lenovo ThinkBook Transparent Display Laptop Concept

One innovative technology proof-of-concept is the Lenovo ThinkBook Transparent Display Laptop Concept with a remarkable 17.3-inch Micro-LED transparent display:

With a borderless screen, transparent keyboard area, and a seemingly floating footpad design, it effortlessly exudes a sense of high-tech simplicity, elevating the user’s overall experience.

 Artificial Intelligence Generated Content (AIGC) is creatively used to display the interaction with physical objects and overlaying digital information to create unique user generated content:

The transparency allows it to effortlessly integrate naturally within its environment. Users can seamlessly switch between the keyboard and drawing board with a supported pen, unlocking new levels of creative efficiency. AI in combination with transparent displays will open up new ways of engaging with data and applications, offering opportunities to develop new features and form factors.

Another proof-of-concept shown was a smartphone adaptive display concept based on the display and mechanical innovations from Lenovo foldable devices and rollable concepts where devices can be bent and shaped into different forms based on users’ needs.

thinkbook 14 2 in 1 600

ThinkBook 14 2-in-1 Gen 4, Image/Lenovo

 AI PCs for Business

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Lenovo also released a slew of business laptops ThinkPad T14 i Gen 5ThinkPad T14s Gen 5ThinkPad T16 Gen 3ThinkPad X12 Detachable Gen 2 and ThinkBook 14 2-in-1 Gen 4.

thinkpad X12 detachable 600

ThinkPad X12 Detachable Gen 2, Image/Lenovo

The laptops feature Intel Core Ultra processors with Intel vPro on select models, Windows 11 and enhanced AI hardware and software solutions for optimal security, power efficiency, and immersive experiences.

thinkpad T16 3 eclipse 600

ThinkPad T16 Gen 3, Image/Lenovo

Smart Connect 

Lenovo and Motorola both collaborated to launch Smart Connect, a software solution forming a seamless multi-device experience. By uniting cross-devices Smart Connect maximizes productivity, sharing device capabilities and data management:

 With Smart Connect, users can switch tasks between a PC, phone, and tablet while  maintaining an uninterrupted flow, enjoy hassle-free and secure file-sharing, access mobile apps on a PC, and even manage phone notifications with ease.

AI Applications to the Edge at Scale

Integrated Edge AI Solutions for Telco that helps enterprises use data at the far edge for new AI applications at scale and save energy consumption. Edge computing permits businesses to analyze data in real-time, and offering valuable insights into efficient operations and services:

The innovations are part of a comprehensive pocket-to-cloud portfolio of Lenovo hybrid AI solutions designed to simplify the path to intelligent transformation for all industries and are attracting new customer collaborations with industry leaders, like Telefonica, that unlock the power of AI anywhere data is created delivering it to businesses at the far edge in real-time.

Lenovo’s Sustainability Goals

Lenovo increasing sustainability focus is demonstrated by its commitment to providing technology and services reflecting these goals.  With Lenovo Certified Refurbished, organizations can resource refurbished PCs for varying computing needs and maintain a smaller IT carbon footprint.  Circular practices at every stage of the IT lifecycle help customers meet sustainability goals, Lenovo TruScale– customers can deploy services on a pay-as-you-go subscription basis, and  iFixit, where organization’s can quickly fix and repair devices – minimizing downtime and extending the life of hardware.

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Lenovo’s introduction of cutting-edge technology at MWC 2024 showcases the remarkable advancements powered by AI. With a focus on innovation and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, Lenovo has once again proven its commitment to delivering unique and unparalleled tech experiences. This forward-thinking approach enables users to embrace the future and enjoy the benefits of AI-enhanced technology in their daily lives.