Lenovo Announces New Solutions and Products at CES 2024

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Lenovo recently released a number of technologies and products at the 2024 international Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Lenovo Research, a vital core technology provider of Lenovo, played a significant role in providing key technology innovations.

AI PC Technologies
Lenovo Research has been instrumental in directing Lenovo AI PC to profoundly understand user needs, provide personalized services, and enhance users’ life and work efficiency. The key technologies include personal knowledge-driven foundation model generation and interaction, fine-tuned system control, industry-leading model compression and inference acceleration, and user scenario optimization.

Glasses-Free 3D Display Engine
Built for unprecedented 3D visual effects, Lenovo’s glasses-free 3D display engine is useful for entertainment such as watching movies, playing games, or engaging in professional design work, and professional applications in such fields as education, healthcare, and industrial design clearly accentuate a three-dimensional and realistic experience.
Revolving around cutting-edge glasses-free 3D display technology,

the engine can be used to construct a comprehensive 3D system-level display space. The essence of this technology lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate a series of application ecosystems, including its in-house, real-time, high-resolution 2D-to-3D applications and cross-application rendering display applications. This integration allows users to immerse themselves in a realistic 3D environment, while also enabling them to experience the ecological content of the 3D world.

Vehicle Computing
Lenovo Vehicle Computing introduced technologies include Lenovo autonomous driving domain controller AD1 for L4 which is based on the NVIDIA Thor X platform. Its single-chip CPU computing power can reach 630K Specint2K6, AI computing power 1000TOPS@INT8.
Lenovo intelligent driving domain controller AM1 for L2++ is built on TI TDA4VH platform, with CPU computing power of 100K DMIPS. ADAS functions include Navigate on Autopilot (NOA), lane deviation warning (LDW) and Home Zone Parking (HPP).
Released by Lenovo Vehicle Computing at CES 2024, Lenovo ADAS smart front camera AE1 is the latest entry-level automated driving solution. AE1 is designed for A0, and A-class cars priced at $7,000 and below.
Another vital technology solution is Smart cockpit domain controllers VE1/VM1 launched by Lenovo Vehicle Computing incorporate X9 series intelligent chips.
An AI compiler, SpeedWise is based on a heterogeneous computing architecture to improve training and inference performance. Technologies based on AI foundation models operate independently in the vehicle, including digital human simulation and interaction, 3D question-and-answer vehicle usage instructions, and intelligent accident handling guidance.

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High Gloss Stainless Magnesium
Magnesium alloys have a nice appearance and have a high corrosion resistance. Lenovo recently developed this marvel of engineering:

Lenovo has successfully developed a commercially available high-gloss stainless magnesium alloy material for the first time in the industry. Its corrosion resistance is ten times that of current commercial magnesium alloys in the industry. And the new material formulation, smelting process, molding technology and coating process ensure that products using this material have a shiny metallic luster.

These metal qualities have encouraged Lenovo to develop the ThinkBook 13x Gen 4 laptop, released at CES 2024, which is the industry’s first product made of the high gloss stainless magnesium material.

Multi-Mode, Dual-System, Dual-AI: Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 5 Hybrid
The world’s first Hybrid PC, alternates between laptop and tablet modes, and combines the best of Windows and Android systems. Lenovo SMB&CPC and Lenovo Research both invented ThinkBook Plus Gen 5 Hybrid, which is an “innovative multi-mode, dual-system and dual-AI solution.” AI also plays a powerful AI PC enabled role through dual language and vision foundation models.

Intelligent PC Top Cover Color Personalization: Lenovo ThinkBook 13x SPE
Featuring low power consumption, ultra-thin design, and a wide range of color choices the Lenovo ThinkBook 13x SPE leads the way in the trend of intelligent color personalization of laptops’ top covers. Co-developed by Lenovo SMB&CPC and Lenovo Research, via “miniaturized multimodal solutions and sophisticated color process control algorithms,” users can define their literal “laptop” with an assortment of up to 1,000 different patterns, ultimately defining their personal distinction and creativity.