Raspberry Pi AI Kit Now Available


Priced at a mere $70, the Raspberry Pi AI Kit is now available at Raspberry Pi Approved Resellers. The Raspberry Pi AI Kit was developed in collaboration with Hailo, and integrates local, high-performance, power-efficient inferencing into a wide variety of applications.

The Raspberry Pi AI Kit consists of M.2 HAT+ preassembled with a Hailo-8L AI accelerator module. This combination installed on a Raspberry Pi 5, tackles complex AI vision applications, running in real time, with low latency and low power requirements.

AI applications geared for object detection, semantic and instance segmentation, pose estimation, and facial landmarking run completely on the Hailo-8L co-processor. Pre-trained neural network models are available as an extensive model zoo for deployment and running on the AI Kit.

Top Features of the Raspberry Pi AI Kit include:

  • 13 tera-operations per second (TOPS) of inferencing performance
  • Single-lane PCIe 3.0 connection running at 8Gbps
  • Full integration with the Raspberry Pi image software subsystem
  • Compatibility with first-party or third-party cameras
  • Efficient scheduling of the accelerator hardware: run multiple neural networks on a single camera, or single/multiple neural networks with two cameras concurrently
Raspberry Pi AI Kit | Object recognition: even works when traffic on the A14 is moving

Raspberry Pi AI Kit Software
Since integrating the camera subsystem with the AI framework is not always easy, the software, rpicam-apps suite of camera applications, has overcome this by using a post-processing template for integrating neural network inferencing running real-time in the camera pipeline. The pre-installed Hailo Tappas post-processing libraries, are capable of producing advanced AI-based applications in only a few hundred lines of C++ code.

Its easy to get starting with AI applications by installing packages through apt, rebooting and now being ready to enter the AI world. An informative guide is available to fully understand the whole process.

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Besides only using the Hailo-8L co-processor in rpicam-apps or Picamera2, an API integrated in the GStreamer framework and native Python or C/C++ applications is available- this is for non-camera use cases.