Apple Unveils Apple Intelligence for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Apple Intelligence for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, Image/Apple Apple Intelligence is Apple’s latest venture into AI centered computing. Through Apple silicon, Apple Intelligence, the personal intelligence system for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, can accomplish tasks such as understanding and creating language and images, taking action across apps, and drawing from personal context to simplify and…

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Apple Announces M4 Chip

M4 Chip, Image/Apple Apple recently announced M4, its newest chip which powers the all-new iPad Pro. The new CPU has up to 10 cores and the new 10-core GPU expands features included in M3. The M4 is AI ready with faster memory bandwidth, next-generation machine learning (ML) accelerators in the CPU, and a high-performance GPU….

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Apple Scraps Electric Car

After a decade Apple has permanently stopped work on its electric car according to Bloomberg News, which first reported the story. Originally called Project Titan the project was slated to introduce its first electric car in 2024 or 2025. Apple’s electric car project employees will transfer to the firm’s artificial intelligence (AI) division: If it…

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