Cisco Hybrid Work Study Indicates the Need for Workplace Modernization


Cisco recently conducted a study examining how in-office experience compares to employee expectations globally, and employer AI investment as an effective tool for workplace collaboration and productivity. The study ultimately found that enhancing hybrid work and increasing productivity among employees could be achieved through modernizing offices. The study surveyed 14,050 employees and 3,800 employers in 19 countries.

The Cisco study shows the following facts:

  • 72% of employees are positive about returning to the office, but want better-equipped spaces for collaboration and brainstorming.
  • 81% of employers have already or are planning to redesign workspaces within 24 months, and
  • 83% acknowledge that collaboration-driven enhancements effectively attract and retain top talent.

Another important survey point is that a majority of employers plan to adopt AI into their organization, but are facing challenges with security, integration and costs.

  • Employees seek in-office collaboration
    Employees will more positively view the workspace environment if spaces support seamless collaboration, social interaction and creative brainstorming.
  • Office tech needs to change to enable collaboration
    85% of employers report that most of their office space is relegated to personal working spaces, producing individual working environments and working habits.
  • Employers will invest in office design and tech to attract top employees
    81% of employers are planning to redesign workspaces in the next 24 months since collaboration-driven workspace enhancements are influential in attracting and retaining prime employees.
  • Organizations realize the value of AI to boost productivity
    Employers are increasingly integrating AI into the workplace. By 2025, with 73% to invest in AI-powered collaboration software, 68% introducing AI technologies into workspaces, and 80% of employers plan to invest in AI by the end of 2025.
  • Employers must focus on closing the AI skills gap
    43% of employees currently have access to AI technologies, with less than half not having enough AI skills.
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The Cisco Hybrid Work study is an online survey of 14,050 full- time employees and 3,800 employers, undertaken in December 2023 and January 2024. Respondents are from 19 different markets, grouped into three different regions: the Americas (Brazil, Canada, Mexico, USA), Asia Pacific (Australia, Hong Kong, India, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand) and Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom). Data was also collected from the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East and is included in the global data analysis but is not included in the breakdown of the regional results.