LG Smart Home AI Agent Ushers in Zero Labor Home


LG Smart Home AI Agents at KBIS 2024 , Image/LG Electronics

Robotic Home assistants are nothing new. Consider for example Amazon Astro, Amazon’s Multifaceted Home Robot. Household companion, LG Smart Home AI Agent, is another excellent example of a robotic home assistant.

The LG Smart Home AI Agent is assisting LG’s Zero Labor Home vision and future goal of ‘the complete liberation from housework.’ The two-legged wheel design LG Smart Home AI Agent navigates around the house connecting and controlling a wide swath of home appliances and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Built-in cameras, microphones and various sensors enable LG’s little AI Agent to accumulate a variety of data from the surrounding environment enabling it to monitor and manage the home- including answering user’s questions, greeting visitors at the door, delivering important notifications appliances and smart home devices.

Other various tasks easily handled by the LG Smart Home AI Agent include indicating when the washing has finished and laundry care advice; connecting with LG’s advanced kitchen appliances and selecting delicious recipes; alerting users when a visitor has arrived and inspecting each room like an indoor security officer; turning off the smart lightings at night.

lg smart home ai agents 600

LG Smart Home AI Agent Close-up, Image/LG Electronics

Using Microsoft’s Azure AI solutions, the LG Smart Home AI Agent utilizes accurate voice recognition and provides an aptitude for comprehending nuanced commands from users. Additionally, the AI Agent’s Large Language Model (LLM)-based generative AI conversation service enables users to have natural, two-way conversations on various topics.

Voice and facial recognition technology, makes LG Smart Home AI Agent distinguish between different users. The robot also shows expressions on its face display, and can also “convey its reaction to events and user interactions through movements generated by its articulated leg joints.”

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LG Smart Home AI Agent will undoubtedly help LG accelerate its Zero Labor Home of the Future, where even the Jetson’s would feel right at home.