NVIDIA and Arrow Electronics Unite to Introduce Jetson Xavier AI Computer for Industrial AI solutions

Recently, NVIDIA, known for inventing the GPU in 1999, and Arrow Electronics, Inc. announced their collaboration to bring the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier, “a first-of-its-kind computer designed for AI, robotics and edge computing, to companies worldwide to create next-generation autonomous machines.”

The NVIDIA Jetson Xavier will accelerate AI applications in manufacturing, logistics, smart cities, healthcare and more. The AI computer is the result of NVIDIA’s world-class AI capabilities combined with Arrow’s worldwide base of industrial customers and its widerange support network of engineers and designers.

As Deepu Talla, vice president and general manager of Autonomous Machines at NVIDIA reiterated, “NVIDIA and Arrow are working together to ensure that the unmatched AI capabilities of the Jetson Xavier platform reach deep into the global marketplace with first-class technical support and design.”

The new NVIDIA Xavier processor’s processing capability rivals a powerful workstation. To complement the Jetson Xavier, available as a developer kit, comprehensive software for building AI applications, NVIDIA JetPack and DeepStream SDKs, as well as CUDA, cuDNN and TensorRT software libraries, is availble for customers to prototype AI designs.

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