Samsung Electronics and NAVER Collaborate to Develop Semiconductor Solutions for Hyperscale AI

Samsung Electronics and NAVER Collaborate to Develop Semiconductor Solutions for Hyperscale AI, Image/Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., experts in advanced memory technology, and NAVER Corporation, a global internet company with top-notch AI technology, recently reached a wide-reaching collaboration to develop semiconductor solutions specifically tailored for hyperscale artificial intelligence (AI) models:

“The two companies intend to combine semiconductor design and manufacturing prowess with proven AI capabilities to maximize the speed and power efficiency of large-scale AI models.”

By combining hardware and software resources, the companies plan to help alleviate the massive AI workloads globally produced today:

“Recent advances in hyperscale AI have led to an exponential growth in data volumes that need to be processed. However, the performance and efficiency limitations of current computing systems pose significant challenges in meeting these heavy computational requirements, fueling the need for new AI-optimized semiconductor solutions.”

The collaboration focus will be two main technologies, “memory and storage that support high-speed data processing in AI applications, from computational storage (SmartSSD) and PIM-enabled high bandwidth memory (HBM-PIM) to next-generation memory supporting the Compute Express Link (CXL) interface” and refining HyperCLOVA, “a hyperscale language model with over 200 billion parameters, while improving its compression algorithms to create a more simplified model that significantly increases computation efficiency.”

“Through our collaboration with NAVER, we will develop cutting-edge semiconductor solutions to solve the memory bottleneck in large-scale AI systems,”

said Jinman Han, Executive Vice President of Memory Global Sales & Marketing at Samsung Electronics.

“Combining our acquired knowledge and know-how from HyperCLOVA with Samsung’s semiconductor manufacturing prowess, we believe we can create an entirely new class of solutions that can better tackle the challenges of today’s AI technologies,”

said Suk Geun Chung, Head of NAVER CLOVA CIC.

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