Samsung Introduces New 2023 Samsung M8 M7 and M5 Smart Monitors

Samsung Introduces New 2023 Samsung M8 M7 and M5 Smart Monitors

Samsung Smart Monitor M8, Image/Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics America announced today its 2023 Smart Monitor lineup. Made for customers who watch, play, and work, the new Samsung M8, M7, and M5 Smart Monitors (M80C, M70C, M50C) maximize productivity and create more personalized experiences. The monitors will available starting in June, on and at select retailers nationwide:

The 2023 Smart Monitor M8 received multiple upgrades and feature enhancements from the previous generation. Users can expect superb picture quality with 4K resolution, HDR 10+1, and 400nit brightness, and the M8 and M7 support color coverage up to 99% sRGB color gamut to bring all content to life in brilliant color for content creators.

All three monitors are available in available in 32- and 27-inch sizes.The M8 with UHD resolution and 400nit brightness comes in the most colors, Warm White, Daylight Blue, Sunset Pink, and Spring Green options. The M7 with UHD resolution and 300nit brightness comes in Warm White and the M5 with Full HD resolution comes in both Black or White color options.

One standout feature of the both M8 and M7 monitors are a flat, super slim back of 11.39mm thick which enables them to fit nearly anywhere in the home. The M8 and M7 monitors include an ergonomic height-adjustable stand with tilt adjusts the angle and a screen that can now be rotated 90 degrees to view long documents in a portrait orientation. The M8 and M7 also include built-in voice assistants Bixby and Amazon Alexa.

Samsung Introduces New 2023 Samsung M8 M7 and M5 Smart Monitors

Samsung Smart Monitor, Image/Samsung Electronics

Samsung Smart TV features gaming from top streaming partners and video streaming via popular video streaming apps like Prime Video, Netflix, and YouTube. With SmartThings Hub users can connect, control, and manage hundreds of compatible connected devices from their Smart Monitor.

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Another unique 2023 Smart Monitor feature is My Contents a feature is used to detect a registered smartphone closeby:

When the monitor is on standby mode and detects a registered smartphone through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), the screen lights up with the user’s photos, calendar, weather and more. The monitor resumes standby mode when the smartphone is out of range.

M8 has a removeable, magnetic camera. The SlimFit camera supports FHD resolution and video has conferencing features and is equipped Google Meet and other apps. Auto Framing follows users around and keeps users in the center of the frame.

Other notable 2023 Smart Monitor features include Multi View which enables Microsoft 365 and the Browser app in full screen mode, connectivity to Apple devices to view content from an iPhone, iPad, and Mac on a bigger screen, mouse and keyboard control functionality addition to many apps, including SmartThings and Smart Hub and four ports, allowing users to connect to the Smart Monitor without adapters to charge devices and transmit data.