Samsung Reveals High Performance ViewFinity S8 Monitor for Content Creation

Samsung ViewFinity S8 Monitor, Image/Samsung Electronics

Samsung ViewFinity S8 Monitor, Image/Samsung Electronics

Designed for work productivity, the Samsung ViewFinity S8 is built for graphic designers, content creators and professionals. Defined as a new benchmark of high resolution monitors for creators, ViewFinity monitors provide a comfortable user experience and productive working environment:

“ViewFinity S8 (Model: S80PB), a new monitor specialized for creative professionals delivers accurate colors as intended with a wide color gamut up to 98% of DCI-P3 and UHD resolution. Matte Display is applied on the top of the panel, reducing light reflection. This allows you to create content with vibrant color reproduction and brightness and prevent any distortions. Furthermore, ViewFinity features ergonomic design to offer more comfortable user experience during extended use.”

The key features of the Samsung ViewFinity S8 are Excellent color accuracy in UHD resolution Rich and vivid colors even in daylight Maximized comfort with ergonomic monitor stand Intelligent EyeCare to Keep your eyes fresh Optimize workspace with a single cable ViewFinity S8 sustainability goals

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