Rapid Robotics is Making Factory Robots Affordable

Rapid Robotics is Making Factory Robots Affordable, Screen Capture/YouTube/Rapid Robotics

Rapid Robotics is Making Factory Robots Affordable, Screen Capture/YouTube/Rapid Robotics

For a $2100/month subscription, Rapid Robotics Rapid Machine Operator robot will save businesses money and yield ROI-positive on day one, with maximum savings totaling over $175,000 in 1 year.

Rapid Robotics also offers businesses a full gamut of robot services which are included in the subscription:

“Everything. The subscription covers the hardware (the work cell with robotic arm), the computer vision, the software and AI, the tablet-based control app and grippers for common tasks. On top of that, setup, maintenance and free updates. It’s all included.”

Personalized service every step of the way, 24/7 maintenance and support included at no cost, free AI updates that teach RMOs new tasks and local support teams make Rapid Robotics a viable robotics solution.

With setup in less than a day, Rapid Robotics robots do not need system integrators, capital expenditure or programming:

“First, we eliminated the need for systems integration. With traditional cobots, integration usually costs more than the hardware. The RMO comes pretrained and preintegrated, so integration costs aren’t a factor. We also offer the RMO by subscription, which avoids the need for capital expenditure.”

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