Syte Helps Companies Assist Shoppers Find the Right Products Using AI

Syte Helps Companies Assist Shoppers Find the Right Products Using AI

Syte increases eCommerce performance with a visual search experience which helps shoppers find their favorite products online. Through visual search journeys and AI tagging and merchandising, Syte helps companies improve discoverability, sell more products, thrive in any market and maximize resources:

“Syte helps hundreds of fashion, jewelry, and home decor brands increase conversion, boost revenue, and drive business growth.”

One of the components of Syte’s Visual Discovery is Visual AI which engages buyers and delivers high-conversion rates:

“Syte’s visual AI identifies items within any image, breaks them down to precise visual attributes, and suggests similar and complementary products from your inventory to ensure shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for.”

Syte’s Visual AI accomplishes product awareness using techniques like image search and inspiration gallery; Visual Recommendation Engines: Shop Similar, Shop Social, Shop the Look/Room; advanced personalization recommendations; Visual AI and Data-Driven Marketing Tools; and out-of-stock alternative outcomes.

Visual AI automatically tags products with unique, accurate, and consistent attributes. It is particularly useful for marketplaces working with multiple brands. AI tagging standardizes your product data for an optimal customer experience.

AI Tagging and Merchandising effectively drives revenue, boosts text search, and optimizes merchandising- saving time and money in your merchandising process.

Automated Product Tagging and Merchandising incorporates the following features:

AI Deep Tags using visual AI to automatically tag products with unique, accurate, and consistent attributes.

Deep Tag Analytics to gain sharper insights into trending product attributes.

Thematic Tags to create customized tags using unique or visual AI-generated product attributes.

AI Tag Editor reviews AI-generated tags and edits the output.

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Lexicon management tailoring your taxonomy by mapping hundreds of product categories, attributes and values.

The World’s First Product Discovery Platform enables you to control and optimize your entire on-site experience and “customize your strategy and measure the impact from a single console that gives you full data visibility.” The Product Discovery Platform allows users to analyze A/B Testing, Data Analysis, Ranking Strategies, Merchandising Rules and Design and Configuration to strategize future product plans.