DoorDash Delivers Food When You Want It

DoorDash Delivers Food When You Want It

Enter your delivery address at the DoorDash food delivery website or Apple/Android app and you are on your way to receiving delicious restaurant food at your door. Built to benefit customers, dashers and merchants, DoorDash is “a technology company that connects people with the best in their cities.”

Currently available in 800 cities in the US and Canada (the about video states 1500 cities), DoorDash offers five star service food delivery from more than 200,000 merchants. For more than five years, DoorDash has a proven track record for food delivery with more than 100 million successful deliveries. 95% of food is delivered in 30 minutes or less.

DoorDash is also involved in feeding the hungry project, Project DASH. DoorDash has three objectives: DoorDash has provided meal donation through the Feeding America Charity; WeDash For Good, where all funds earned in this effort will be donated to Feeding America; Reducing Food Waste through Feeding America Charity’s MealConnect system- “MealConnect serves as a hub for food donations, linking surplus food with local nonprofits that can use it to feed those in need.”

DoorDash has also received kudos from various news outlets such as Business Insider, USA Today, Forbes, The Washington Post, Elite Daily and Recode. Satisfy your cravings, anywhere you are, with DoorDash.

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