Intel Launches New Innovation Fund to Bolster Foundry Business and Advance Disruptive Technologies

Intel Launches New Innovation Fund, Image/Intel

Intel Launches New Innovation Fund, Image/Intel

Intel revealed today a new innovation $1 Billion Fund, a collaboration between Intel Capital and Intel Foundry Services (IFS) that will enhance Intel’s foundry business and increase the adoption of disruptive technologies:

“The fund will prioritize investments in capabilities that accelerate foundry customers’ time to market – spanning intellectual property (IP), software tools, innovative chip architectures and advanced packaging technologies.”

Part of the plan also includes Intel’s partnerships with several companies aligned with this fund. The united goal of Intel and other companies will be enabling modular products with an open chiplet platform and supporting design approaches that leverage multiple instruction set architectures (ISAs), spanning x86, Arm and RISC-V.

The Intel Foundry Services (IFS) was founded to meet the growing global demand for advanced semiconductor manufacturing. The innovation fund was created to strengthen the ecosystem in three ways:

– Equity investments in disruptive startups.

– Strategic investments to accelerate partner scale-up.

– Ecosystem investments to develop disruptive capabilities supporting IFS customers.

Intel has realized that to accelerate chip production and to be overall successful and responsive in this area, the new investment fund and open chiplet platform are indispensable:

“Intel is an innovation powerhouse, but we know that not all good ideas originate from within our four walls,” said Randhir Thakur, president of Intel Foundry Services. “Innovation thrives in open and collaborative environments. This $1 billion fund in partnership with Intel Capital – a recognized leader in venture capital investing – will marshal the full resources of Intel to drive innovation in the foundry ecosystem.”

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