Adobe Campaign Empowers You to Know Your Customers

Are you a business or organization striving to satisfy and meet the needs of your customers? Adobe Campaign was specifically created to accomplish this by using a grab and drop interface to quickly accomplish your marketing goals. Adobe Campaign uses data to create customer profiles.

The profiles can be used to “orchestrate campaigns across email, web, and mobile, as well as offline channels.” Adobe Campaign promotes three benefits of its program, email marketing, customer journey and omnichannel marketing.

Start with Adobe Campaign’s email marketing strategy with personalized and contextually relevant messages. From start to finish, Adobe Campaign determines customers location, loyalty status and interests to help you know your customers well and meet their needs.

Adobe Campaign includes certifications available for interested individuals: Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Campaign Standard Developer, Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Campaign Classic Developer, Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Campaign Standard Business Practitioner,  Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Campaign Classic Business Practitioner, Campaign Standard – System Administrator and Campaign Classic – System Administrator.

Adobe Campaign also includes the YouTube entry titled, Adobe Campaign Standard: Overview, which includes a basic overview of Adobe Campaign and main features in an informative video. Adobe Campaign Standard Tutorials can be found at the tutorials website. The Adobe Campaign forums instructional information is available for both classic and standard versions.

Adobe Campaign’ success and have extended it into other realms. TA Digital Inc. has developed an app to integrate Salesforce and Adobe Campaign, called the Salesforce – Adobe Campaign Connector:

“TA Digital Inc. has built the Salesforce connector for Adobe Campaign Standard to enable customers to run campaigns with the leads pulled from Salesforce automatically.” 

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