DJI Trade Up Recycles Your Outdated Devices and Gives You New Tech

DJI Trade Up Recycles Your Outdated Devices and Gives You New Tech

The DJI, specialists in drone technology want you to enjoy the latest DJI tech, particularly drone tech. In an official statement, DJI Trade Up will help you “expand your journey into the world of drones and have your devices evaluated, regardless of whether they are new or used.” DJI pays for the shipping fees and if you reject DJI’s value assessment, then DJI will ship your device back.

The program lets you to trade in your old drone, cellphone or tablet for DJI Credit at the DJI Online Store and enables you to receive a brand new DJI device. The process starts with evaluating your device online and then shipping your device to DJI. DJI experts will then evaluate your device and determine its value, once received, and then you will receive DJI credit towards a new drone, gimbal or other product. The device will be either resold or recycled.

As for privacy concerns, DJI makes sure that is not a problem since “after completing the necessary steps, our program partners will apply a factory reset and erase all of your data. Your device will then be either resold or recycled.”

For more information DJI offers a number of frequently asked questions regarding the whole recycle process.

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