The Canon Camera Museum Explores the History of Canon Cameras and Lenses


View the history of Canon Cameras and Lenses by visiting the Canon Camera Museum. Discover current and historical cameras and lenses in detail.


The Camera Hall includes the following cameras:
Interchangeable Lens Digital Cameras
Film Cameras
Digital Compact Cameras
Digital Camcorders
HD Camcorders
Movie Cameras
Color Camcorders
8mm Camcorders
Still Video Cameras
Digital Cinema Cameras


The Lenses Hall includes notable lenses:
RF Lenses
EF Lenses
EF Cinema Lenses
New FD Lenses
FD Lenses
FL Lenses
R Lenses
S Lenses
Special Lenses


A History Hall examines the overall history of canon cameras which can be viewed by Canon timeline, spanning from 1933-2015, and Canon awards history, 1973-present. There are also a number of videos showcasing the Evolution of the Canon Lens Mount.

One more Canon Camera Museum aspect is the Special Exhibition. This section will highlight in-depth features on technologies and product development stories.

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