Tovalo Makes Home Cooking Easy

Tovalo Oven and Food, Image/Tovalo

Tovalo Oven and Food, Image/Tovalo

With the Tovalo Smart Oven and Tovalo Meal Subscription plans, cooking at home is as uncomplicated as ever. The Tovalo Smart Oven can be purchased at the website for 399.00 USD. The steam powered oven cooks Tovalo meals perfectly: “Just scan the barcode, press start, and the Tovala takes it from there.”

With the motto, “we believe that you should never have to compromise between convenience, health and taste,” Tovalo offers an exceptional array of meal selections, including Sweet Chili Salmon with Chana Masala & Cucumber Raita, Sunflower Satay Tofu Steak with Sesame Ginger Brown Rice & Garlic Green Beans, Curried Turkey Meatballs with Sweet Pea Farro & Tikka Sauce and Teriyaki Chicken with Fried Rice Pilaf, Roasted Pineapple & Sesame Coleslaw.

Tovalo meals are pre-prepped and shipped “in insulated boxes, fresh and ready for you to enjoy.” There are two meal service subscription plans three meals weekly for the single portion option ($36.00) and the three meals weekly, get two portions of each double portion option ($72.00). Best of all, “all you’ll do is put them into your Smart Oven and press start” and that’s it!

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