Microsoft Introduces HoloLens 2 at MWC 2019

Microsoft HoloLens 2, Image/Microsoft

Microsoft HoloLens 2, Image/Microsoft

The HoloLens was originally released in 2016. This week at MWC Barcelona, the HoloLens 2 was introduced to the world:

“The next generation of its wearable holographic computer — with an integrated suite of new mixed reality services, out-of-the-box apps for businesses and sensors with the capacity to perceive and predict.”

The HoloLens 2 improves how we work, learn, communicate and get things done. The HoloLens 2 will be available this year with a price tag of $3,500.

The new HoloLens 2 is improved for three areas, immersion, comfort and time-to-value. The visual display system has become more vibrant and realistic, direct manipulation of holograms with a new time-of-flight depth sensor, combined with built-in AI and semantic understanding and eye-tracking sensors that make interacting with holograms even more natural. Another plus is Windows Hello enterprise-grade authentication through iris recognition, for easy and secure device sharing.

Wearable comfort has been increased with a more balanced center of gravity, use of light carbon-fiber material and a new mechanism for wearing the device without readjusting. Other improved features include

“the thermal management with new vapor chamber technology and accounted for the wide physiological variability in the size and shape of human heads by designing HoloLens 2 to comfortably adjust and fit almost anyone.”

Time-to-value is bolstered by mixed reality applications like Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, Dynamics 365 Layout and the new Dynamics 365 Guides applications. HoloLens partners have increasingly become interested in the technology,

“this partner ecosystem is being supplemented by a new wave of mixed reality entrepreneurs who are realizing the potential of devices like HoloLens 2 and the Azure services that give them the spatial, speech and vision intelligence needed for mixed reality, plus battle-tested cloud services for storage, security and application insights.”

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