RemoBell S Smart Video Doorbell

RemoBell S, Image/Remo

RemoBell S, Image/Remo

The 24/7 surveillance, fast-responding video doorbell, the RemoBell S smart video doorbell monitors and records any front door activity using 1080p full HD video, H.264 video compression, advanced motion detection, and customizable motion zones.

Besides these features the RemoBell S also includes two-way talk, live on-demand streaming, infrared night vision, viewing angle180º (Vertical/Horizontal), push notifications, weather resistance -4ºF ~ 122ºF and three days free cloud storage. RemoBell S uses your existing doorbell wiring.

The RemoBell S supports iPhone Version 5 or above, iOS 9 or above support iPhone & iPad. Android Version 4.1 or above supports phone and tablet. RemoBell S also integrates with Alexa Amazon, Google Home, and IFTT. With help from these products and apps, RemoBell S can monitor your home remotely and improve home security needs.

The RemoBell S smart video doorbell sells at $99.00. The RemoBell S blog is located at the RemoBell S web site. RemoBell cloud plans are also available for free or a standard plan per device at $3 per month or $30 per year.

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