Trend Forward Capital Encourages Entrepreneur Success in a Smart Connected World

Six months ago, Trend Micro Incorporated started an independent venture fund focusing on new technologies- particularly promising and hyper-growth technology startups. Trend Forward Capital’s main purpose is to “accelerate the success of entrepreneurs working to unlock a smart connected world.”

A number of investments have been funded by Trend Forward Capital already including, “Veem, a business-to-business payment company (for any country, any currency) utilizing blockchain technology; Muse, a wearable device company dedicated to well-being through biofeedback utilizing their best-in-class brain sensing technology; and Mojio, a leading telemetry company for connected cars.”

Trend Forward Capital is hosting a tech pavilion for tech panel discussions and startup presentations at the 2018 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) to attract interest for up and coming startups.

As Trend Micro founder and chief executive officer Eva Chen recently stated, “we are proud to be in a position to invest in and learn from those that are solving for your smart connected world. For almost 30 years, we have successfully navigated a changing environment and are excited to lend our breadth of expertise to young companies.”

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