Chipmaker TSMC Mulls Multibillion-Dollar Arizona Factory Expansion

Chipmaker TSMC Mulls Multibillion-Dollar Arizona Factory Expansion

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., the world’s biggest contract chip maker, is preparing another multibillion-dollar cutting-edge semiconductor plant north of Phoenix, Arizona, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The amount of money TSMC will invest will be comparable to the 12 billion for another chip factory, also planned for an Arizona location that the company committed to in 2020:

“TSMC said in a statement to The Wall Street Journal Wednesday that it is constructing a building to potentially serve as a second fab at its site in Arizona. It will consider adding more advanced chip capacity there, though it hasn’t made a final decision, the statement said.”

The new facility will manufacture cutting edge 3-nanometer semiconductors:

“TSMC’s new facility would manufacture so-called 3-nanometer transistors, some of the tiniest and most lightning-fast currently possible, the people said.”

TSMC investment expansion is a sign of its long-term optimism about demand in spite of recent market irregularities.

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