Fortune’s Future 50 Companies Rankings Are In For 2020

Fortune's Future 50 Companies Rankings Are In For 2020

What is the Future 50? The Future 50 definition can be described as the following:

“[Future 50] assesses the long-term growth prospects of large public companies and identifies who comes out on top. It is intended as a forward-looking companion to traditional business metrics, which generally show only what has happened in the past.”

Future 50 was founded three years ago when Fortune teamed up with management consulting firm BCG.

The Future 50 Information Technology company rankings can be found at Future 50. A number of filters can be selected to output companies ranking based on Industry, Sector, Country, Fortune 500, Global 500, World’s Most Admired Companies, Best Companies and Fastest Growing Companies.

An individual company’s overall score, revenue, profits, market value, employees, fortune 500 rank, global 500 rank, world’s most admired companies rank, best companies rank and fastest growing companies rank are also presented.

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