Optimizely Platform Helps Businesses Succeed

Optimizely Experimentation Platform Helps Businesses Succeed

Optimizely is the “world’s leading experimentation platform, empowering marketing and product teams to test, learn and deploy winning digital experiences, every time.” In a nutshell, optimizely essentially determines what works and what doesn’t work for businesses and organizations. Optimizely increases customer retention and will improve the ROI of campaigns, landing pages, checkouts and overall conversion.

Optimizely includes web and full stack experiments and includes websites, mobile apps, TV apps and IoT/conversational apps. Optimizely is enterprise ready with program management, personalization, open platform availability, analytics/data and security.

Optimizely uses the scientific method to find the right business solutions using real data:

“Test headline ideas, images, CTA’s, colors, graphics, in-code pricing algorithms and more. Optimizely lets you control how many people see your experiments and then measures their responses by segment.”

Geared to assist marketing and product teams develop successful solutions for media, travel, retail, high tech and finance industries. Optimizely also has solutions partners and technology partners to integrate with further refine and improve your business projects.

Optimizely includes learning resources including the following categories, library, optimization glossary, knowledge base, academy, dev docs, community and a blog. Optimizely also include webinars, events, Opticon and Opticon Europe for further instruction and tutorials. Sample size calculator and maturity model are tools used for Optimizely.

Twenty-four of the Fortune 100, and leading global disruptors use Optimizely. Currently 40% of leading interbrand companies use Optimizely. The available plans for businesses include Optimizely Web and Optimizely Full Stack or combine both solutions in one powerful platform.

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