Mailtrap, Test SMTP Emails with Ease

Mailtrap, Test SMTP Emails with Ease

Mailtrap is a testing SMTP server created for developers to test, view and share emails- similar to having a private smtp server without interacting with customers. Mailtrap essentially isolates email testing from production. Mailtrap is easy to use and setup. It is considered safe for email testing for developer teams.

Other important Mailtrap features include the ability to analyze emails for spam & blacklists, test HTML for support by common email clients, secure by default (HTTPS & TLS), quick setup using our config code, RESTful & POP3 API auto-tests improvement, auto-forward emails to people who need them, organize test emails into special inboxes and share inboxes with your team.

Mailtrap offers three payment plans: Midge-trap (free forever), Fly-trap (9.99 monthly) and Bee-trap (24.99 monthly). Each plan varies according to specific features: Inboxes, messages per inbox, team members, emails/ sec per inbox, forward rules per inbox and email address per inbox. The Fly-Trap Plan is free for Open Source and Non-profit organizations.

Mailtrap also includes a knowledge-base with search, general questions, billing questions and FAQ on the Mailtrap website.

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