Global Innovation Index 2019 Rankings

by Tech Mainstream

July 29, 2019

Global Innovation Index 2019 rankings

The Global Innovation Index 2019 rankings have been determined and can be viewed below. Co-published by Cornell University, INSEAD, and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO, a specialized agency of the United Nations), the report essentially

"aims to capture the multi-dimensional facets of innovation and provide the tools that can assist in tailoring policies to promote long-term output growth, improved productivity, and job growth. The GII helps to create an environment in which innovation factors are continually evaluated. It provides a key tool and a rich database of detailed metrics for economies, which in 2019 encompasses 129 economies."

Rank Country/Economy Score(1-100)
Global Innovation Index 2019 Top Ten Rankings
1 Switzerland 67.24
2 Sweden 63.65
3 United States of America 61.73
4 Netherlands (the) 61.44
5 United Kingdom 61.30
6 Finland 59.83
7 Denmark 58.44
8 Singapore 58.37
9 Germany 58.19
10 Israel 57.43