Aptera the Solar Vehicle of the Future


Aptera Solar Electric Vehicle, Image/Aptera

Although solar vehicles have been around for sometime the practical application of these vehicles has been a dilemma for manufacturers until now. Aptera is redefining the Solar Electric Vehicle of the future. Aptera requires no charging for most daily use, can travel up to 1,000 miles on a single charge- five times farther than other electric vehicles and is capable up to 40 miles of solar powered driving per day. The Aptera is literally considered an off-grid vehicle.

aptera solar vehicle aunch 600

Aptera Solar Electric Vehicle Front View, Image/Aptera

The Aptera is energy efficient and when compared to electric and hybrid vehicles uses 30% of energy. The Aptera is a sustainable vehicle:

At Aptera, we believe efficient transportation is at the heart of managing the Earth’s natural resources for the sake of future generations. Each Aptera owner can reduce their carbon footprint by over 14,000 pounds of CO2 per year. We’re making it easier for you to do your part.

Aptera — Embrace Earth Day Every Day

The Aptera simplified manufacturing process using 3D printing, AI, and a composite body enables rapid, high-volume and cost-efficient vehicle production. The Aptera’s safety features are inspired by fighter jets and racecars with a safety cell stronger than steel. The Aptera is equipped with all-wheel-drive and an anti-lock braking system. Aptera is also lightweight considering that it weighs 65% less than other electric vehicles.

The Aptera’s aerodynamic design contributes to its overall energy efficiency:

Aptera’s undercarriage swoops like a dolphin’s belly. This reduces drag, or the force of air flowing against the motion of the vehicle. Aptera is curved at the nose, wide along the sides and tapered toward the trunk — like a small, speedy aircraft.

The Aptera is indeed the car of the future with its energy efficiency and aerodynamic design.

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