Announces OpenCV 4.9.0 for Android Developers, the organization which developed the popular OpenCV library for computer vision recently released OpenCV 4.9.0 through a collaboration with ARM Holdings. The collaboration between and ARM improves Android Support with OpenCV 4.9.0. Improved app performance and user experience are other positive attributes of the unification.

The Primary Updates in OpenCV 4.9.0: Adding OpenCV to Projects: Developers can now include OpenCV in their Android Studio projects efficiently using the Android Archive (AAR) package and Maven Central. This results in less issues when starting new projects or updating existing ones.

Advanced Options for Experienced Developers: OpenCV continues to provide the traditional SDK alongside the AAR package for developers requiring advanced configurations, such as including opencv_contrib modules.

Additional Features: Android samples are updated for compatibility with recent Android versions and introduces new capabilities, including DNN-based face detection and QR code recognition.

The combination of an ARM results in the optimization of OpenCV 4.9.0 for ARM-based devices. Android developer community has continually pushed for OpenCV to be natively supported:

This update simplifies the setup process for developers to add powerful computer vision capabilities to their Android apps. Advanced users continue to have the flexibility of SDK-based integrations.

Since OpenCV is an open-source project, developers can help improve and expand the project by adding code, providing feedback, or actively using OpenCV.

“ also offers help with custom projects and welcomes contributions to improve OpenCV. This support helps ensure OpenCV can continue offering developers features and optimizations. We strive to keep OpenCV contemporary, commercial-free, and a favorite of the Computer Vision community.”

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