Innovative AI Tool Perception Studio Transforms Words into Color Palettes

ai tool perception studio 600

Perception Studio is a recently released new innovative tool that integrates AI and color psychology together to help users make meaningful design decisions. Unveiled by Perception, the design intelligence company, Perception Studio is a

new offering to help designers effortlessly craft color palettes within an intuitive, web-based platform. Combining generative AI with in-depth color psychology research, Perception Studio is poised to transform how color choices are made in the design industry.

Perception Studio integrated all-in-one-tool enables designers to receive AI recommended color palettes by incorporating their brand colors with carefully entered keywords that determine the precise mood or inspiration desired for a project.

Perception Studio plans start at $11 per month with a number of impressive features including the folowing:

  • AI-assisted Color Palette Builder: Unlimited use of palette building tools to generate custom color palettes with instant AI-powered recommendations.
  • Color Palette Analyzer: Validate your own color choices by requesting a detailed analysis based on color psychology research.
  • Creative Inspiration: Full access to Perception’s Palette Dictionary containing over 50M+ color palettes definitions indexed by individual colors and words.

Perception Studio allows designers and creators to connect with clients and users to produce accurate output. To understand and subscribe to Perception Studio visit

About Perception
Perception is at the forefront of integrating AI technology and color psychology research into innovative tools that elevate the design process. Founded by Mike Merchant (CEO), Perception envisions a world where every creative professional can make meaningful design decisions with confidence.

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