Galaxy Fit Simplifies Living the Healthy Lifestyle

Galaxy Fit, Image/Samsung

Galaxy Fit, Image/Samsung

The next generation Galaxy Fit fitness tracker by Samsung features a high resolution, Full Color AMOLED Display for viewing fitness stats. The Galaxy Fit is made of durable, ultra-lightweight materials to for moving freely in any workout.

As for the Galaxy’s durability factor, it sports military-level durability standards, has a water resistance of 5ATM and basically resists water and dusty conditions. Battery life is also an advantage for longer workouts to help achieve fitness goals even more.

The fit has the ability to reply to incoming texts with preset messages, has a Do Not Disturb setting for no interruptions and suggests roaming clock display to accomodate recognition of a new time zone.

Galaxy Fit normally tracks up to six fitness activities. With the Samsung Health app you can track up to ten preferred activities from over ninety workouts. The Galaxy Fit also features auto sleep tracking:

“[Galaxy Fit] analyzes your sleeping patterns throughout all four stages of sleep and provides a detailed readout to help you check your rest. View useful information such as total elapsed sleep time through Samsung Health app.”

The Galaxy Fit also assesses your stress levels by examining the levels when you are overly stressed. Breathing exercises are recommended to reduce the stressed-out condition. The Fit also tracks heart rate and determines if it is above the pre-defined level at rest.

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