Google Assistant Now Available for Galaxy Watch4 Users

Samsung Galaxy Watch4, Image/Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Watch4, Image/Samsung Electronics

In an official statement, Samsung and Google have united to bring Google Assistant to the Galaxy Watch4:

“Samsung Electronics and Google jointly built a unified Wear OS platform that creates a seamless connection across Android devices. The platform comes with Google Play, which gives users access to some of the most popular apps and services from Google, including Google Maps, Google Pay, and YouTube Music.

Starting today, Galaxy Watch4 users will also be able to download Google Assistant on their devices gaining access to fast, more natural voice interactions, quick answers to questions and on-the-go help.”

Update: Recently Galaxy4 Watch users have reported battery drain and pairing issues according to 9to5 Google on May 30th 2022:

“Right now, it seems both of these issues are going to require intervention from Google and Samsung to properly address. So far, neither company seems to have acknowledged these problems, but that’s not especially surprising seeing as we’re in the midst of a holiday weekend.”

A potential solution may be to turn off the “Hey Google” voice activation option:

“Luckily, there’s a more clear-cut solution to this problem. The culprit for Google Assistant battery drain, at least in this quantity, is with the “Hey Google” voice activation. Turning that option off seems to dramatically improve how the Assistant uses battery, which is no surprise given that was a common problem on Wear OS 2 as well.

Google, to its credit, does explicitly say that this will have increased battery drain during setup (where the feature can be enabled, or skipped). Personally, I skipped “Hey Google” when my Watch 4 was getting Assistant and my battery life hasn’t changed at all.”

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