Samsung One UI Watch Expands Galaxy Watch Experience

Samsung One UI Watch, Screen Capture/Samsung

Samsung One UI Watch, Screen Capture/Samsung

Recently Samsung introduced the One UI Watch user experience at Mobile World Congress (MWC). One UI Watch will be part of Galaxy Watch on the new, unified platform it co-built with Google: “The unified platform will open up new features and integrations with popular third-party apps available to download from Google Play directly on your Galaxy Watch.”

One UI Watch and new unified platform will present an entirely new Galaxy Watch experience:

“As part of the new experience, once you install watch-compatible apps on your smartphone, they will be swiftly downloaded onto your smartwatch. If you’ve customized your clock app on your phone to show the time in different cities around the globe, this will be automatically reflected on your watch as well. And if you block calls and messages from your watch, they will now be blocked on your smartphone, too.”

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