Wisk Achieves First Public Demonstration of Fully Autonomous eVTOL Flight


Wisk, an advanced air mobility (AAM) company, recently publicly demonstrated a fully autonomous flight, conducted by an all-electric, fly-by-wire, vertical takeoff and landing aircraft.

Wisk’s milestone flight is the first-ever public demonstration of a fully autonomous 5th Generation eVTOL fixed-wing air taxi:

Wisk completed a multi-transition flight, during which the air taxi transitioned from hover to wing borne flight four times. The flight also included multiple maneuvers that demonstrated the unique capabilities of the aircraft, such as hover, 360-degree turns in place, and more.

Wisk Makes Oshkosh and Aviation History at EAA AirVenture!

The Wisk eVTOL showcases the state of readiness for autonomous technology and electric propulsion:

Combined with the progress we’re making on Type Certification for our 6th Generation air taxi, we’re proving that autonomy is possible and it’s happening today. We look forward to launching the first passenger service on an all-electric, autonomous air taxi within this decade.

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