IMS Developing Japan’s First “Cold (Neutral) Atom” Quantum Computers

By the end of its FY2024 the Institute for Molecular Science (hereinafter “the IMS”), National Institutes of Natural Sciences of Japan plans to launch a start-up company to begin the development of “cold (neutral) atom” quantum computers.The IMS has established a “Commercialization Preparatory Platform (PF)” geared for the future development of novel quantum computers. The…

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Efficient Computer Reveals World’s Most Energy-Efficient General-Purpose Computer Chip

Efficient Computer has developed a new computer processor up to 100x more energy efficient than leading general-purpose CPUs currently available today. The processor introduces a new era of general-purpose edge computing literally a quantum leap in device capabilities and battery lifetime, with innovations extending to devices and applications across the Internet of Things, wearable and…

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Lenovo Introduces Unique Tech at MWC 2024

Lenovo ThinkBook Transparent Display Laptop Concept, Image/Lenovo Lenovo recently unveiled its latest portfolio of innovative PCs, software, two proof of concept devices, and infrastructure solutions and services at MWC 2024: Lenovo’s suite of AI-enabled, AI-ready, and AI-optimized devices, infrastructure, solutions, and services at MWC provides a wider look at our vision for ‘AI for All’,…

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Apple Scraps Electric Car

After a decade Apple has permanently stopped work on its electric car according to Bloomberg News, which first reported the story. Originally called Project Titan the project was slated to introduce its first electric car in 2024 or 2025. Apple’s electric car project employees will transfer to the firm’s artificial intelligence (AI) division: If it…

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fibocom 5G redcap module fm330 series 600

MediaTek-Powered 5G RedCap Module FM330 Series Revealed by Fibocom at MWC 2024

Fibocom, a global leading provider of IoT (Internet of Things) wireless solutions and wireless communication modules, recently released the new industry-first RedCap module series which produces wireless performances in high transmission reliability, cutting-edge hardware density design, and excellent power efficiency. The FM330 series is set to expand 5G Expansion by providing a broader range, covering…

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