The Linux AI and Data Foundation Announces OPEA for Advanced Enterprise AI Collaboration

Enterprise AI Software Stack, Image/Intel The Linux Foundation AI and Data recently selected the Open Platform for Enterprise AI (OPEA) for its current Sandbox Project. OPEA provides secure and cheap generative AI (GenAI) deployments for organizations and businesses emphasizing interoperability. This goal will be accomplished through the retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) protocol: This pioneering initiative unites…

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ViewSonic Introduces Customizable 760 Inch All-in-One LED Displays

ViewSonic All-in-One LED Displays, Screen capture/YouTube/ViewSonic ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solutions, recently unveiled its LDC series—the world’s first Customizable All-in-One mega LED displays. The slim, and borderless LED line display configurations in various aspect ratios and sizes of up to 760 inches: Blending the size versatility of traditional LED displays with…

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Cisco Hybrid Work Study Indicates the Need for Workplace Modernization

Cisco recently conducted a study examining how in-office experience compares to employee expectations globally, and employer AI investment as an effective tool for workplace collaboration and productivity. The study ultimately found that enhancing hybrid work and increasing productivity among employees could be achieved through modernizing offices. The study surveyed 14,050 employees and 3,800 employers in…

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