Apple Announces M4 Chip

M4 Chip, Image/Apple Apple recently announced M4, its newest chip which powers the all-new iPad Pro. The new CPU has up to 10 cores and the new 10-core GPU expands features included in M3. The M4 is AI ready with faster memory bandwidth, next-generation machine learning (ML) accelerators in the CPU, and a high-performance GPU….

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IT Security Survey 2024 Results

IT Security Survey 2024 is based on an internet-based survey centered on IT security conducted by AV-Comparatives between 11th December 2023 and 31st December 2023, which included world-wide 1,350 participants: We are proud to present our annual Security Survey for 2024. This initiative is part of our ongoing commitment to optimizing our service to the…

Read More Announces OpenCV 4.9.0 for Android Developers, the organization which developed the popular OpenCV library for computer vision recently released OpenCV 4.9.0 through a collaboration with ARM Holdings. The collaboration between and ARM improves Android Support with OpenCV 4.9.0. Improved app performance and user experience are other positive attributes of the unification. The Primary Updates in OpenCV 4.9.0: Adding OpenCV…

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The Linux AI and Data Foundation Announces OPEA for Advanced Enterprise AI Collaboration

Enterprise AI Software Stack, Image/Intel The Linux Foundation AI and Data recently selected the Open Platform for Enterprise AI (OPEA) for its current Sandbox Project. OPEA provides secure and cheap generative AI (GenAI) deployments for organizations and businesses emphasizing interoperability. This goal will be accomplished through the retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) protocol: This pioneering initiative unites…

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