Samsung’s Next-Gen AI PC: Galaxy Book4 Edge


Galaxy Book4 Edge, Image/Samsung Electronics

Powered by Galaxy AI and Microsoft Copilot+, and Snapdragon X Elite Compute Platform with 45 TOPS NPU AI computing power, Samsung’s Galaxy Book4 Edge intensifies the whole PC experience and offers the most hyperconnected mobile AI ecosystem:

The Galaxy Book4 Edge expands our vision of AI connectivity – bridging the gap between mobile and PC, while democratizing AI experiences that change the way we operate each and every day, said TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics.


Galaxy Book4 Edge Ecosystem, Image/Samsung Electronics

AI Connectivity
Galaxy Book4 Edge uses Galaxy AI1 to produce effortless connectivity with Wi-Fi 7 and hybrid on-device and cloud-based processing- even offline. High security over their data is also maintained throughout.

Experience comprehensive AI enhancements across Samsung Galaxy devices with features such as connecting a mobile device to Galaxy Book4 Edge with Link to Windows. Mirror Circle to Search with Google, Chat Assist and Live Translate.

Samsung has united with Microsoft Copilot with AI capabilities that can be applied to everyday computing:

Galaxy Book4 Edge is a Copilot+ PC, transforming the way users interact with their devices by allowing users to be more productive and creative using simple, everyday language.

These everyday applications include setting alarms, retrieving contacts, sending messages, accessing mobile devices via Copilot voice prompts and next-step action suggestions for increased productivity.

Performance Capable AI
Galaxy Book4 Edge introduces the next generation of AI PCs:

With 45 TOPS NPU processing power, the Snapdragon® X Elite processor equips the Galaxy Book4 Edge with unmatched performance for accelerated AI capabilities across all functions. Powered by the fastest, most powerful Snapdragon processor on a laptop, Galaxy’s on-device AI technology will continuously improve, ensuring a seamless and responsive experience.

The Galaxy Book4 Edge’s AI driven features include Recall, just describe the clues you remember to find it, and Live Captions give accurate subtitles in real time, which is especially useful in video calls.

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Transforming Creative Pursuits
Galaxy Book4 Edge with Cocreator uses AI to boost creative pursuits. Combined with Windows Studio effects, video calls are more interesting with camera filters and background effects powered by AI, and voice focus, portrait blur, and eye contact.

The Galaxy Book4 Edge delivers ultra-thin and light design for creative pursuits. Enhanced features include Vision Booster which increases outdoor visibility, an anti-reflective 10-point multi-touch touchscreen and a Dynamic AMOLED 2X13 display, an adaptive refresh rate of up to 120Hz and cinema-grade brightness and color standards.

The Galaxy Book4 Edge’s Auto Super Resolution produces high-definition and high frame graphics suitable for real-time gaming.

Security by Samsung Knox and Microsoft
Galaxy Book4 Edge is secured by Samsung Knox, Samsung’s “defense-grade, multi-layer security platform,” with real-time protection for users on-device information from vulnerabilities and threats with secure hardware. And as a Microsoft Secured-core PC out of the box, Windows customers can feel confident in the advanced safeguarding of firmware that comes with the highest level of Windows 11 protection.

What user information is considered local remains local and what user information is sent online is safeguarded and privacy assured:

For features that require cloud-based AI activity, Microsoft’s suite of security features offer around the clock protection. Device Privacy Settings further embody Samsung Galaxy’s commitment to give users choice over their device and AI safeguards.

Availability and Pricing
The Galaxy Book4 Edge will be available beginning in June 18, 2024.

The Galaxy Book4 Edge comes in a 16-inch size, with 1TB of storage and a 3.8GHz (Boost: 4.2GHz) X1E-84-100 processor in Sapphire Blue and starts at $1,749.99.
The Galaxy Book4 Edge comes in a 16-inch size, with a 3.4GHz (Boost: 4.0GHz) X1E-80-100 processor in Sapphire Blue and starts at $1,449.99.
The Galaxy Book4 Edge comes in a 14-inch size, with a 3.4GHz (Boost: 4.0GHz) X1E-80-100 processor in Sapphire Blue and starts at $1,349.99.