Motorola Adds Four New Security Features to Moto Secure

motorola moto secure

Motorola recently introduced four new security features delivering additional protection for users and their Motorola smartphones:

The update allows users to feel confident in their data privacy, even in theft situations, protected against hackers while surfing the web, and comfortable in identifying device vulnerabilities and storing important files. Plus, it’s already available on Motorola’s latest devices, including the Motorola edge 40 neo, moto g84 5G and moto g54 5G.

The new features will be available on certain Motorola devices that support Android 13 or more.

Secure Folder for Files works to keep vital files such as health records, confidential work presentations and financial papers not to be visible on a user’s device:

Secure Folder makes it easy to hide sensitive apps, files and documents by giving the option to add a password or disguise the folder with a different name or icon, so it’s not easily accessible or detectable. The user can even turn on “Stealth Mode” in settings to make the folder invisible in the app tray.

Auto Lock automatically locks a Moto Secure device to keep information safe and secure. Via GPS and Bluetooth disconnections for tracking, Auto Lock detects when the phone has been accessed outside of trusted places and devices. Auto Lock secures data if for example a user’s phone is stolen or a user loses their unlocked phone.

Motorola consumers now will be able to use Phishing Detection with AI to warn about potential threats associated with suspicious links, websites or third party apps.

Security Scan recognizes potential threats from malicious software by scanning the entire device and then providing security recommendations.

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Security Scan enables users to be proactive and up-to-date with their mobile security.