Earn Money and Prestige with Google’s Bug Hunters Program

Earn Money and Prestige with Google's Bug Hunters Program

Google’s Bug Hunters is officially defined as “an international group of Bug Hunters keeping Google products and the Internet safe and secure.” There are three steps to hunting security vulnerabilities that could be found in a Google-owned or an Alphabet (Bet) subsidiary web service that handles reasonably sensitive user data:

Prep and get inspiration from the community and start bug hunting.

Report and share bugs and findings with Google.

Collect bugs as digital trophies and earn paid rewards.

Google’s Bug Hunters Focuses on Integrity, Transparency and Education Billions of people use Google products which are considered safe and secure. Bug report data is shared within the community. The program’s ultimate goal is to produce top-rate next-gen Bug Hunters.

Curently $45,259,505 total rewards have been distributed to successful bug hunters with 2974 paid bug hunters and 15237 individual rewards.

The largest rewards of all time stats are presented as follows:

1ST $605,000 Android VRP | 22.01.2022

2ND $161,337 Android VRP | 13.12.2019

3RD $157,500 Android VRP | 06.12.2019

Google even offers users access to its Bug Hunter University, which can be used to access top tips, learn about bug hunting or hone bug hunting skills.

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