Vivaldi Releases Mail 1.0, Vivaldi Calendar, and Vivaldi Feed Reader

Vivaldi Releases Mail 1.0, Vivaldi Calendar, and Vivaldi Feed Reader

Vivaldi recently released the new and powerful built-in mail client Vivaldi Mail, Vivaldi Calendar, and Vivaldi Feed Reader. Now you can surf the web, exchange emails, subscribe to feeds, and manage your daily to-do lists easily, from one location in your favorite browser. Vivaldi Mail, Vivaldi Calendar and Vivaldi Feed Reader are completely free.

With multiple accounts under one umbrella so to speak, you can connect all your email accounts and manage them easily from a single client, Vivaldi Mail:

“You can choose to use Vivaldi Mail with your existing mail and calendar services, or set up an account on Or even add a trusted third-party service such as Fastmail. Basically, you can use all these options individually or even together.”

Since all your mails from all your accounts are indexed, they are searchable offline. Therefore searching for mail messages could not be easier. When prefetching your mails, it indexes the available content of the mails before they are opened.

Vivaldi Mail 1.0 organizational structure has dramatically changed through features such as Mail Panel which displays 8 sections: “All messages”, “Custom folders”, “Mailing lists”, “Filter and (searches)”, “Flags (starred)”, “Synced Labels”, “Feeds”, and “All Accounts”.

Control views display with seven toggle buttons, a Show Read, Show Custom Folders, Show Mailing lists, Show Feeds, Show Junk, Show Archive, and Show Trash toggle buttons and a search bar. The search capability searches the selected view for any words or expands the search to search all mails.

The Feed Reader integrates perfectly with Vivaldi Mail to bring you the latest news and audio and video from your favorite websites, blogs, galleries, and podcasts using several versions of RSS and the powerful Atom standard. The Feed Reader is an alternative to the algorithm-based onslaught from other reader feeds. With the bonus of reducing wasted time from endlessly clicking through sites. Tracking issues are also reduced or eliminated with this new release.

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Vivaldi believes you deserve a better calender. Enter Vivaldi Calendar, a one stop shop for organizing and detailing a whirlwind of meetings, events, special occasions, and personal tasks. The calender features local or online states (preserving privacy greatly with local mode), viewing events from the calendar panel, inline event editing, different views for day/week/multi-week/month, full keyboard accessibility and keyboard shortcuts, navigation of dates, search and filter, browser integration, adding tasks and fun notifications.

In summation comes this comment from Vivaldi:

“Vivaldi Mail is an ode to the original, simple, and reliable form of communication. And we hope you will enjoy using it as much as we have enjoyed building it for you. Sure, email can at times be chaotic and messy, but Vivaldi Mail is the partner you need to get the job done – keeping your mail organized and easy to navigate.”