Trend Micro’s Biannual Cyber Risk Index (CRI) Report: ‘The Risk of Cyber Attacks has Increased in the Last Year’

Trend Micro's Biannual Cyber Risk Index (CRI) Report

Trend Micro Incorporated, a global cybersecurity leader, recently released the Trend Micro’s biannual Cyber Risk Index (CRI) report that concluded that the risk of cyber attacks has increased in the last year. The report, 

“measures the gap between respondents’ cybersecurity preparedness versus their likelihood of being attacked. In the first half of 2021 the CRI surveyed more than 3,600 businesses of all sizes and industries across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America.”

Of particular interest for organization infrastructure risks is cloud computing, “Global organizations gave it a 6.77, ranking it as an elevated risk on the index’s 10-point scale. Many respondents admitted they spend “considerable resources” managing third party risks like cloud providers.”

Other operational risks are organizational misalignment and complexity, customer turnover, lost intellectual property and disruption or damages to critical infrastructure.

The effects of any cyber attack can be devastating and overwhelming. Organizations assessed the top three negative consequences of an attack as customer churn, lost IP and critical infrastructure damage/disruption.

The report’s main findings were the following:

*86% said it was somewhat to very likely that they’d suffer serious cyber-attacks in the next 12 months, compared to 83% last time

*24% suffered 7+ cyber attacks that infiltrated networks/systems, versus 23% in the previous report.

*21% had 7+ breaches of information assets, versus 19% in the previous report.

*20% of respondents said they’d suffered 7+ breaches of customer data over the past year, up from 17% in the last report.

The top cyber risks highlighted in the report were as follows:

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*Man-in-the-middle attacks


*Phishing and social engineering

*Fileless attack