SafeWave Makes Mobile Phones Safer to Use

SafeWave Makes Mobile Phones Safer to Use

Although mobile phones have linked people together and even help rescue individuals from trying situations, studies show that phone usage can lead to adverse health effects. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) categorizes mobile phones as “possibly carcinogenic to humans and there is a large amount of information about the effects of mobile phones and their potential risks.”

Mobile phones use low level microwave radiation and this radiation can have adverse biological effects on humans:

“Biological processes are occurring in our bodies all of the time and include things like production of enzymes and proteins, repair of damaged DNA and cell reproduction.”

SafeWave technology can help deter this toxic radiation emitted from mobile phones, by mitigating the biological effects. SafeWave is incorporated in iPhone cases and in Wireless Charging Tags for Android phones which “sit underneath a standard protective case. They incorporate SafeWave technology and also enable your phone for wireless charging.” SafeWave technology is based on research conducted at the Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. and a number of other leading universities

SafeWave is scheduled to be launched soon and will be available for your support on indiegogo.

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