Learn a New Language with Duolingo

Learn a New Language with Duolingo

Duolingo uses fun, game-like lessons, goal setting and rewards to increase your ability to not only learn but retain learning a new language:

“Over 200 million people around the world use Duolingo to help them learn languages.”

Best of all, Duolingo is completely free. Duolingo is also available as a mobile app. Duolingo was chosen by Apple, iPhone App of the Year and Google named us as the Best of the Best in Google Play.

With students going back to school this Fall, Duolingo, the world’s most popular language learning platform, can be integrated with the classroom to assist students with language learning:

“Duolingo lessons give each student personalized feedback and practice, preparing them to get the most out of classroom instruction.”

Teachers and governments currently use Duolingo for their classroom instruction purposes.

Duolingo users can access a forum for language learning issues and communicate with other users. An event page also is meant to bring users together to further their Duolingo learning experience.

A dictionary section is available to examine translations, example sentences and more. Duolingo stories “earn XP through mini-stories that challenge your reading and listening comprehension. Complete all the stories to unlock the next set!”

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