Vivaldi Browser Includes Student Productivity Features

vivaldi browser student productivity

School is in session again for many students. Vivaldi browser is literally designed for students. Vivaldi offers some of the best productivity features for students as they start another academic year.

One necessary Vivaldi feature is enabling students to create separate spaces for student courses. Using Workspaces, students group tabs in separate categories:

“You could create one Workspace for each course. That way, whenever it is time to attend that course, do homework, or study, you’ll just need to switch to that Workspace, which will hide all the irrelevant tabs and let you focus better.”

Students create Tab Stacks within each workspace for the different chapters or topics.

Vivaldi gives students the ability to add bookmarks as Speed Dials:

“Speed Dials offer a great visual way to access your most useful bookmarks from the Start Page. You could create the same categories as your workspaces/tab stacks…or different ones. You’re in charge!”

Another featured useful tool, the Notes tool, is accessible from the side panel or as a full window editor:

“You can create folders to organize your notes, add images or screenshots taken with our built-in Capture, and format the text as you like. “

Found an interesting article or website? Save interesting articles for later with the Reading List and get back to them whenever you are able to.

For frequently visited websites, Web Panels are a easy way to view content fast without leaving your current tab:

“We all have some websites we keep coming back to throughout the day. It could be a dictionary, a social media platform, or a news site. Adding these as a Web Panel will allow you to open them on the side, next to your current tab, thus freeing space from your tab bar.”

A calendar, a mail client, or a to-do list are also located in the panel for more convenient access.

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Vivaldi also enables students to design their own browser themes. Change the colors, icons, and move or omit unnecessary elements of the toolbars.

Vivaldi can sync some of the tools such as Notes, Bookmarks, Reading List and Saved Sessions (tabs open on other devices) between desktop and mobile browser- allowing students to work remotely on a different device and keep your place.

Vivaldi is readily available for Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, and Android Automotive. Vivaldi browser is not yet available for iOS/iPad devices- although coming soon.