Google Clips Camera Captures The Best Images by Itself

Google Clips smart camera, Image/Google

Google Clips smart camera, Image/Google

Google Clips is a smart camera designed with you in mind. The camera uses Moment IQ, a machine learning algorithm and can recognize great expressions, lighting and framing. Therefore it does an extraordinary job of taking “beautiful, spontaneous images.” You do not have to be in front of the camera either. Instead Google Clips takes the pictures and stores them while you actively participate in the action.

To view pictures with Google Clips, you simply attach the camera to your mobile phone and view the pictures. The Google Clips app selects the best clips, yet you decide which pictures to keep or discard. It also transfers pictures quickly, in seconds. It can detect certain faces and can even recognize pets and becomes smarter the more it is used.

Google Clips integrates well with Google Pixel phone and includes free, unlimited original-quality storage for photos and clips. Sharing photos can be accomplished using the Google Clips app, or using Google Photos.

Google Clips features a lens occlusion detection to determine whether a phone lens is blocked. It also has three hours battery smart charge,16 GB storage,130‑degree field of view, Fast transfer over Wi‑Fi Direct and Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Google Clips is considered to be safe and secure. Google Clips can be purchased at Amazon.

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