Gitter a Chat and Networking Platform Where Web Communities Thrive

Gitter a Chat and Networking Platform Where Web Communities Thrive

Gitter is a chat and networking platform developed to manage, grow and connect communities. You can either create your own community or explore existing communities. This is accomplished through messaging, content and discovery. Gitter is free for public and private communities and includes unlimited people, message history and integrations.

Gitter is simple to create your community and instantaneously start talking with no need to set up invitations. With Gitter sharing tools, you can expand your network and community by quickly inviting others to join just in one click. Gitter search engines and directory enables users to find your community and other communities.

Gitter also provides integration with GitHub, Trello, Jenkins, Travis CI, Heroku, Sentry, BitBucket, HuBoard, Logentries, Pagerduty & Sprintly. An open source repository for integrations and a flexible API are available for custom webhooks.

Gitter is available for desktop and mobile apps and all modern web browsers. Although the web-based version is actually the best version to try since the app versions are a work in progress. Gitter therefore encourages app developers to help out with app version since the apps are open-source and developers are welcome to contribute their efforts.

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