Vivaldi Releases New Version Vivaldi 6.5

vivaldi 6.5 version

New Version Vivaldi 6.5, Image/Vivaldi

Vivaldi is giving you a Holiday gift, a powerful version of Vivaldi browser wrapped up with new features and improvements you will adore.

Vivaldi on Desktop Features

Sessions Panel is a new panel on the sidebar for managing saved sessions – your saved organized tabs. This feature lets you quickly manage, create, and reopen your saved Sessions effortlessly. You can also edit their contents and take automatic backups.

Complete Browsing History Sync ensures you never lose track of your digital journey. This feature enables your complete browsing history is available on all your devices. Plus all data in Vivaldi Sync is fully end-to-end encrypted (E2EE).

A new option to the built-in Notes upgrades your note-taking experience by appending new information to existing notes for example, collecting holiday recipes or gift ideas.

The new Workspace Rules automatically streamline your tabs automatically by moving the tab into the correct Workspace for you based on easy-to-configure rulesets.

Now you can find and filter open synced tabs in the address field of your current device. For example, want to re-read a news story you found on your phone earlier in the day? This feature will help you find it.

The new Vivaldi now makes your complete browsing history available on all your devices. All data in Vivaldi Sync is fully end-to-end encrypted.

Vivaldi on iOS Features

The most top requested feature, configurable address and tab bars now enables you to place the address bar and tab bar at the bottom, perfect for one-handed browsing, or keep them at the top.

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Now you can view your search suggestions on top or bottom. This ability to place the address bar at the bottom enables you to reverse the order of search results.

Customize the Start Page by adding a personal touch with your custom images like wallpapers. or choose from a selection of preloaded wallpapers.

Dynamic accent colors on webpages is a signature feature of the browser where the color of the user interface matches the colors of the webpage you’re visiting.