Remarkable, the Paper Tablet

Remarkable, the Paper Tablet

Described as the “first digital device that gives you a pen-to-paper note-taking experience,” Remarkable lives up to its name. Instead of social media, e-mail or notifications like other “digital” tablets, Remarkable uses canvas display, technology that emulates the tactility and responsiveness of paper- a technology requiring four years to develop. Remarkable was declared “Tablet of the Year Award” winner for 2017 by Tom’s Guide:

“It recreates the pen-and-paper experience to an impressive degree”

Remarkable, unlike other tablets, has no glare or light and is sunlight readable. Rather than doing everything your computer does, Remarkable facilitates writing, reading and sketching only without any accompanying distractions. Syncing notes and documents via Wifi is also a breeze. Remarkable allows access to all your notes and documents on all devices, is always synced and includes drag and drop file transfer.

Remarkable permits you to convert your handwritten notes to typed text, making them simple to change and share. A paper-like reading experience, superior to an LCD display, is another Remarkable trait with annotation capability available just like on paper.

Remarkable contributes to complex problem solving by providing digital tools like undo, erase, move and more. Remarkable is also the “only tablet that helps you focus” virtually eliminating digital distractions to keep you focused and attentive.

The Marker is a precise pen like tool and is “essential for the paper-like experience. It’s designed to deliver just the right friction and puts digital ink on the reMarkable with incredibly low lag,” and is tilt and pressure sensitive.

Remarkable also includes a Folio, a protective cover to guard Remarkable from scratches and other detracting elements. Folio is available in variety of premium materials and colors to suit various tastes.

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Lift your writing experience up to new level not experienced through other digital tablets and try the Remarkable “paper-like” tablet.