Pushcrew Browser Push Notifications for Web and Mobile Keeps Visitors Coming Back

Pushcrew Browser Push Notifications for Web and Mobile Keeps Visitors Coming Back

With over 10,000+ customers, Pushcrew strives to keep your customers engaged and motivated when accessing browser push notifications for web and mobile devices. Pushcrew can be implemented in less than five minutes. Pushcrew offers free plans for freelancers, medium-sized plans for SMBs, and bulk pricing for enterprises to maintain affordability.

Pushcrew uses rich push notifications that bolster customer engagement by using large images, emojis, buttons to increase click throughs and direct users to different website landing pages.

Pushcrew incorporates a concept called segmentation, which is to “group your subscribers based on their website activities such as pages visited, products viewed, products added to cart and more.” Segmentation is based on users device type, location, etc. and involves sending them targeted push notifications to increase user engagement.

Pushcrew triggered campains convert abandoned shopping carts into sales, upsell & cross sell products to faciltate repeat purchases, impress new users with an productive onboarding campaign, direct in-active subscribers ahead in the buyer’s journey.

With personalized notifications, Pushcrew will “send customized push notifications to your subscribers that address them with their name, previous purchase history, favorite brand.” You essentially boost engagement and transform your users into loyal customers.

A supercharged dashboard allows you to measure and analyze your push notifications and also ROI bases on parameters like campaign delivery rate, click-rate and conversion rate.

Pushcrew A/B testing involves testing various notifications to find the best ones that work. You can choose which titles, images and buttons are the most effective for your subscribers.

Pushcrew easily integrates with the most popular web platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, InstaPage, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and even custom projects.

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Other important Pushcrew features are RSS to Push, Go local, time the notifications, welcome notifications, REST and JS APIs, multiple websites and users, notification strategist and customer support.