Introducing, Rust, an Intuitive and Precise Programming Language

Rust, an Intuitive and Precise Programming Language

Rust, an open source project which runs blazingly fast, was originally funded by Mozilla. Portions of Mozilla Firefox and Servo are written in the Rust programming language. Rust “fuses the expressive and intuitive syntax of high-level languages with the control and performance of a low-level language.”

The language combines tried-and-true systems programming and modern programming language design, eliminates segmentation faults and assures thread safety.Because of these features, Rust produces software that is “less prone to bugs and security exploits.” Zero-cost abstractions, safe memory management and fearless concurrency are other significant features of Rust. Also available are Rust programming examples to quickly integrate Rust and therefore shorten programming time.

Besides Mozilla, Dropbox, npm, Postmates, Braintree and others have adopted the Rust language in there software applications. The Rust open source programming community has a community page on the official project website where you can connect to the project’s IRC channels, forums and learn about the team behind the Rust programming language.

The Rust programming language includes the following features:
  • Zero-cost abstractions
  • Move semantics
  • Guaranteed memory safety
  • Threads without data races
  • Trait-based generics
  • Pattern matching
  • Type inference
  • Minimal runtime
  • Efficient C bindings
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